Friday, September 13, 2013

Slave dress-up for the upper floor party

Penny stripped me naked and coated my arms, legs, chest and ass with a powerful depilatory that left my body completely hairless apart from for the growth on my head and in my pubic area. Not even when the grinning Aiden Starr looked me up and down (although I blushed terribly under her intrigued gaze) and produced one of those electric shot-injecting guns! Before I could protest, she had administered four quick injections, one under each side of my chest, and one on each hip. When I inquired what they were, she merely giggled and told me they were to help me fit my disguise!

Perhaps it was the shots themselves, or merely the shock of getting them, but I felt a little woozy and out of it as they led me to the adjustable chair and strapped me in. Aiden Starr lowered the back, so that I was lying nearly flat, then dropped the head rest until I could no longer see the rest of my body.

And then all three of them set to work as I lay in a passive, unresisting cloud. Penny applied herself to my curly hair, soaking it in something, rinsing it out, and even treating it using a curling iron! Alani Pi, meanwhile, applied herself to my facial area and nails, painting, powdering, rouging and shaping my eyebrows, fingertips, eyelids, eyelashes and lips until they eventually met with her approval.

As for what Aiden Starr was doing, I could not really tell. I mean, I knew by now of course that the girls were putting me into a really elaborate female disguise, including hairstyle, makeup as well as shaved limbs, but precisely what the purpose of those shots was, I could not guess. I felt a dull throbbing inside my chest and ass, but I simply felt too deep and peaceful to protest or even ask about it. And meanwhile, Aiden Starr was doing something to my crotch! I felt her squeezing my balls back between my legs and covering them with something soft and sticky. I felt my penis being slipped into some kind of tube that was glued, I think, back over my balls, compressing them into a tiny package. I felt her fastening something over all this, something which felt soft and furry, and held on with steel clips and some kind of glue. And then, just as my apathetic trance was beginning to wear off, I heard Aiden Starr announce, "She is ready to serve on the upper floor, Girls!"